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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A More Human Point of View

Here's something interesting that Petrified Head's Amanda Sage would have taken interest in.  Mona Lisa's smile has been a human obsession for ages.  Will her enigma be lost once we are all android?

Read this Telegraph UK article I just found via Reddit.  The line that stuck out most for me:
So did Leonardo intend to sow so much confusion in the brains of viewers, not to mention scientists? Absolutely, Martinez Otero contends. "He wrote in one of his notebooks that he was trying to paint dynamic expressions because that's what he saw in the street."

Self-Aware Cities

(this image was 'borrowed' from io9)

Check out this article that came out on io9 a short while ago about living cities.

"Could a billion urbanized human beings help to create a system so agile, it becomes a living mind in its own right?"

This brings to mind the Puppet Master character from Ghost in the Shell and, of course, Neuromancer.  But, honestly,  I can't even begin to talk about what insights they bring up.  Read it!

The Only Thing We Can Be Sure About the Future, is That It Will Be Absolutely Fantastic

Thanks the the invention of the transistor, we can communicate instantly with each other!