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Get Involved

Dreams from a Petrified Head is looking for volunteers of all sorts!

Director Dan Ouellette has a knack for attracting a strong team of film professionals who trust that whatever he does will do amazing things for their resumes, their pride and sense of accomplishment.  To boot, his projects are sultry and intelligent.

We cannot pay anyone who is volunteering with us - we truly wish we could.  All the funds we have are going towards supplies.  This movie is a labor of love - everyone involved is extremely excited to be working their butts off to see that it becomes a grand success.

It goes without saying that this is a terrific opportunity to get experience working on a film - there are many film professionals who are donating their time, high-end equipment has been donated and the entire crew is very ambitious.  Working with us will give you valuable experience to take away.

And yet, you do not need to have any prior experience in film to help out!

We are looking for:

Still photographers
Hard workers
Model makers (prop makers)
Ridiculously organized people
Production assistance

You name it, we could probably use the help.

Please email petrified.head@gmail.com with your name and phone number, and list any experience you have that you think might be applicable.

We look forward to hearing from you!