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Sunday, July 25, 2010

And the Wheels Are in Motion

Welcome to the first post from our short film entitled Dreams From a Petrified Head. Being that this is the beginning of frequently updated blog, let's keep it brief!

Genesis: Dan Ouellette wrote his first draft of this short film in late 2009. Upon receiving positive feedback from a variety of opinionated sources (more than the usual), we decided that "Petrified Head" or (DFPH as we'll refer to it, now and again) would be the next project we intended to collaborate on. The strong themes, inherent visual singularity, and impending challenge that would reveal itself before us created an undeniable allure.

And now, almost 10 months later, we are finally knee-deep in pre-production. Last week marked the start of our serious casting call and tomorrow (July 26th) will be our first round of callbacks. Auditions went great - it was thrilling to see a large chunk of the NYC acting community take on the brief portions of the script for which they became privy to - and finally hear Dan's script come to life.

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