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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jeremy's Menagerie - Works of Art and Delicate Antiques for the Set

Jeremy, the main character in our story, is a curio collector. Why he holds a menagerie of 'Future Antiques' is never outwardly explained in the script, yet his interest in times-gone-by accompanied by a misunderstanding of what these objects might have been used for, is revealed in the movie, both to the character and to us, the movie's viewers. They allude to Jeremy's fate.

Dan Ouellette's Sex Mask for Religious People

To find objects worthy of Jeremy's curiosity, Anagnorisis Fine Arts has been brought on board to 'curate' the items. Thus far they've confirmed works by artists Christopher Conte and Erin Colleen Williams. Also, engineer Tim Mullen, will be lending parts of his impressive collection of Victorian Era antiques.

Christopher Conte's Chronos II

Items ranging from old medical devices to ornate appliances will be in Jeremy's home along with Williams's steampunk creations and Conte's Humanist sculptures will be seen readily throughout the film. Also in the collection will be Director Dan Ouellette's own mask sculpture, "Sex Mask for Religious People."

More info on this yet to come!

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