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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ghost In The Shell: Innocence

One of my favorite movies, and a huge inspiration for Dreams From A Petrified Head is Mamoru Oshii's fantastic Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence.  Anyone interested in sci-fi should know this movie backwards and forwards.

Here is the listing from wikipedia:
"The special officers of Public Security Section 9 are investigating a cyborg corporation called LOCUS SOLUS (from the novel of the same name by French author Raymond Roussel) and its gynoids—androids made in the form of young women and used as sex dolls—that have killed eight people, having deliberately been tampered with in order to trigger a police investigation. The dolls possessed a "ghost" (which made them so desirable) that was created by using a "ghost-dubbing" machine, an illegal procedure which produces "information-degraded, high-volume copies", but results in the death of the originals. Young girls were kidnapped by the Yakuza and sold to LOCUS SOLUS for this process. Two of the girls conspire with a LOCUS SOLUS shipping inspector named Volkerson to cause the malfunctions and thus draw official attention to their plight."

This movie is truly the top of the heap in terms of sci-fi.  

Just watch this scene.
~ Dan Ouellette

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